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Quality Insurance Coverage At An Affordable Price

At American Accord Insurance, The Low Cost Insurance Network, we offer to our customers valuable, in-depth, and personalized information to make it simple and stress free when getting a new insurance coverage. We give you the convenience of requesting your insurance quote online, right over the phone, or by simply visiting our local office in Naples, Florida in Collier County. A licensed, knowledgeable and friendly insurance agent will always be available to assist you in properly customizing the right policy to satisfy yourself and your family coverage needs. Whether you are looking for just term life insurance coverage, universal life, whole life, homeowners insurance, automobile insurance and even business insurance specifically commercial automobile insurance, our quick quote form is engineered to make it simple for you to submit your request.

We have built relationships with dozens of highly rated insurance companies to ensure that we will always be able to provide our customers a range of quality insurance products at the lowest cost and most affordable rates.

Why American Accord Insurance?

We are very dedicated and work hard for you because we believe that:

  • Our customers are our priorities; that’s why our focus is to guarantee your best interest by offering you the lowest and the most affordable life insurance, homeowners and automobile insurance coverage.
  • We give you the convenience of getting your low cost insurance quotes online or right over the phone while providing you the most accurate information with simple or straight talk.
  • We do all the work for you by matching you with the most trusted insurance company that offers you the lowest price---saving you time and money.
  •  We always answer all your questions, getting you informed and keeping you posted during the buying process, and most importantly assisting you to be very happy after your coverage begins.

Whether you have the ideal history, preferred companies desire, or a not so perfect experience, we guarantee you will always find the quality coverage with the most affordable price that you deserve.   

Some Of The Trusted Life Insurance companies We Represent:
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We have also built relationships with many leading A.M. Best rated automobile and homeowners insurance companies to ensure that we can totally assist you to protect yourself and your family's best interests.

    Give us 10 minutes right now and you could save $$$ on your insurance premium.
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